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How to Create Effective Videos for Real Estate Marketing

I think it’s safe to say, most of us are fully aware how important video marketing has become to the real estate industry. The “Virtual Tour” is indispensible for online marketing. The question now becomes how to create effective marketing videos for real estate?

You begin by taking into account exactly who your audience is. Your video takes very different approaches depending if you are selling retail or wholesaling to a rehabber. With retailing, you want to appeal to the buyers’ emotions. If you are selling wholesale, you appeal to their business sense.

In either situation, you start the video by getting to the main point quickly. People’s attention spans are very short and even shorter when surfing the internet. If you don’t grab their attention within about 3 to 5 seconds, they will be off to another web site.

Long before you pick up your video camera, you need to outline the video and write your audio script. Unless there is something very unique you want to start with, you’ll begin the video with a broad shot of the front of the property. If you’re wholesaling, the opening statement might go something like:

“This 20 year old tutor on Maple Lane is going to retail for top dollar as soon as the furnace is repaired or replaced. With all the options retail buyers have today, they simply won’t consider a house with a worn and inefficient 20-year furnace. All other maintenance is in good repair. I expect the right rehabber to have the furnace in good operating condition within 3 or 4 days after closing and be taking purchase offers in less than a week.”


“This 20 year old tutor on Maple Lane is in a great location but needs a fair amount of repair to make it appealing in today’s marketplace. Still, I have it priced to leave plenty of profit for the rehabber willing to spend a month or so replacing the roof and updating much of the interior.”