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Terrific, aggressive and some of the best training I’ve had. The forum is fabulous. Jason

I’ve seen them all and am here to say Peter’s Academy has grown my business and profits like wildfire. After years as an agent, I was passing up too much money. So I hooked up with Peter and now we’re doing deals together. It’s the best $995 I’ve ever spent. Willie

Mr. Vekselman, thank you for your training inside the academy. It was nerve wracking getting my business set up but the action plans made the difference. Kindly feel free to use this note as an endorsement of your service. Jaun

If you told me a year ago I would writing a testimonial about real estate investing I would have laughed. Did some rehabs but they were awful and I lost about $75k. I didn’t have the system in place. Pete’s course outlined the problems of rehabs. I especially like the seller lead process he covers in the videos. Easy, simple and works. Paul

$299/4 payments

Too many investors never actually invest in getting better. I did and have Peter to thank for access to the academy. The videos on marketing are like nothing I’ve seen. Is it magic? No. But when I began applying his methods my phones started ringing. I’ve been to weekend seminars and they lack real-world application to creative deals. Thanks again Pete. Eric

The academy gave me structure and a system to follow. Pete, your help on my rental property deal crushed it. Thanks for your guidance on the forum to get that one closed. I also have two more I am doing in a nearby development. So glad I used your negotiating techniques as my benchmark for how to work rather than winging it:-). Oh, the pipedrive advice was fab. LOVE IT! Amanda

Peter, a quick thank you note. Love the academy. But more than any one thing I like that you’re in my corner. I appreciated your help looking at my New Haven deal. It closed and my husband and I are now hiring part-time negotiators to handle our growing database. Lara

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I was extremely diligent looking for someone I could trust to walk me through getting this business right the first time. Peter was the man and his techniques WORK!!!! Julie

I had been doing a few deals a month. But I was ready to step up my business plan and the academy gave me the tools to generated hundreds of sellers leads. Thank you Peter. Ty

Been there done that losing money. Got sick of doing this business the wrong way. Hooked up with Peter and now I’m actually making money. Thanks Pete, appreciate your advice and help. Mitch

Peter, bravo. Back in the ’90s I lost nearly everything after a few deals went upside down. I told myself that was the end for me and left the biz. Then a colleague suggested I watch your videos. Everyday I had a new one in my inbox and honestly I was skeptical how you could do nearly a day. Boy, was I wrong. I’m not doing a deal a day but have closed three in the last two weeks thanks to your training. It’s not only made a difference in my income but also my attitude to waking up everyday. Just ask my wife Margaret. Thanks again for your kindness, support and advice inside of the forum. Having you available to me has helped my learning curve getting my lead generation active. My phones are ringing and it’s a pleasure seeing my business grow so quickly. Again, my deep appreciation and gratitude for your mentorship. Alex

I must admit, I was skeptical. After doing the seminar route which didn’t help, I heard about Peter on youtube. Thing is, I don’t typically order much online without first talking to the person. So I did speak with Peter and he is the real deal. Innovative and genuine is how he teaches. The marketing videos are worth a small fortune. Thanks Pete! Monica

I was ready to move from agent to investor. Although everyone at my company warned me it was a risk. No kidding! After years risking my time on 3% commissions it was time for me to step up and get serious about my career. Thanks Peter for your help and access. Anyone can sell courses but when you actually get unlimited access for help it’s refreshingly cool. Did two deals last month and have four pending. Stosh